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Total Body Care Every month

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Total Body Care Every month

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Total Body Care Every month

Receive your monthly supply of TOTAL BODY CARE direct to your door for 12 months.
Take time for your health without taking time out of your month.



TOTAL BODY CARE provides for your daily dose of ingredients to support most aspects of your body.
The combination of the four essential amino acids leucine, isoleucine, lysineand valine, play an important role in protein synthesis and thus may assist in the support of muscle growth and repair.

TOTAL BODY CARE has been specifically formulated to rebalance bodily functions and improve overall wellness. This multi ingredient formulation is a combination of the four essential amino acids leucine, Isoleucine, lysine, and valine. Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc, Calcium, Silicon, Lutein, Lysine and Co Enzyme Q10.

TOTAL BODY CARE is formulated with these key nutrients so it may assist in maintaining and improving heart and gut health, strong bones and cartilage, and a radiant complexion.

TOTAL BODY CARE is part of the COLLAGEN+ line.  From the age of 20 the body’s ability to create collagen declines resulting in the physical signs of aging.  This line has been specifically formulated to assist with the body’s natural ability to synthesise collagen.

TOTAL BODY CARE is designed to give you superior total body health from within. 

Recurring Profile
Billing Period
12 Month cycle.
Repeats 12 time(s).




Fashion Designer

As a premium fashion designer with a hectic schedule i need products that work to keep me looking and feeling vibrant. I started researching collagen supplements and selected Inessa for the detailed formulation, which I use as an all in one skin hair and nail super peel. I particularly love the glamourous packaging and the lux feel of the box.



Corporate Lawyer

With a pressured, corporate career I like minimal makeup but need a polished look , and I need the best, low maintenance beauty routine. The combination of ingredients in the collagen plus supplements helps generate fresh skin from the deeper epidermis layer. My skin feels more hydrated and I'll be sticking with Inessa for my core supplements, as they help with my ageing skin needs.


HR Expert and Workshop facilitator

I have embraced ageing and am proud of all the positive advantages ageing can bring - wisdom, patience and fortitude! The switch from topical creams and anti-wrinkle miracle lotions to supplement based health care was for me another “wise” decision.
Feeding my skin from the inside with all the vitamins and minerals to support collagen production is a logical treatment plan. As I have used the Inessa beauty boost, my skin has become more vibrant, my hair is glossier and my nails aren’t chipping as easily.



Casting Agent

As a Talent Agent, I’m constantly dealing with talent and organising casting work, for a range of clients. As a 46 year old women the signs of aging are definitely showing, so I have started to take Inessa Beauty Boost. The tablet is so easy to take and after a few days my skin has a nice glow that ive really noticed. I highly recommend it especially if your not a fan of makeup.



As a teacher at a primary school, I work all day 5 days a week with little kids. I have to wake up early in the morning and putting on makeup takes up a lot of time. The awesome mix of vitamins and minerals in the Inessa product, take the best care of my skin from the inside. This gives my face a nice glow everyday so I don’t need to rush in the mornings. I have been getting compliments from my colleagues and have suggested that they use Inessa too.
May assist:
-       assist in reducing the risk of cell damage that is associated with free radicals

-       assist in maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system

-       help to improve energy levels

-       assist muscle activity and increase the body's oxygen uptake

-       helps calcium and phosphate absorption for healthy bones, as a diet deficient in calcium can lead to osteoporosis in later life

-       helps to maintain health bone density and healthy bones by providing minerals to the skeleton

-       to build and maintain muscle strength in older people

-       with a role in supporting healthy immunity

-       in the regulation of calcium homeostasis and bone metabolism

-       to maintain a healthy heart.

        Coenzyme Q10 is a naturally occurring molecule essential to the formation of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), which transports energy within the body's cells

-       in the production of collagen.

        Collagen serves as part of the structural framework of skin.

-       to maintain the structural integrity of skin, hair and nails and silica is found in all connective tissue including hair, skin and nails.

        It is vital for the normal structure and function of cell membranes and it vital in the formation of connective tissue, teeth, bone, nails, hair and skin and influences would healing and inflammation. Zinc is involved biochemically in wound healing, immune system activity and tissue regeneration.

-       to decrease the cumulative effects of oxidative damage to the retina and lens.

        Lutein is a carotenoid naturally found in the human eye. The highest concentration is found in the macular area of the retina and is also present in the lens.

Adults take maximum 2 tablets twice a day with meals.
Glutamine 40 mg
Valine 40 mg
Taurine 40 mg
Isoleucine 40 mg
Silicon dioxide 26.79 mg
Equivalents: Silicon 12.5 mg
Lysine hydrochloride 40 mg
Ubidecarenone 37.5 mg
zinc amino acid chelate 20 mg
Equivalents: zinc 4 mg
Glycine 40 mg
lutein 1.5 mg
Leucine 40 mg
calcium ascorbate dihydrate 121.7 mg
Equivalents: calcium 11.44 mg
Ascorbic acid 100 mg

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