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Why Collagen+

Collagen is essential to all facets of health and beauty, it is the foundation of all connective tissue. At the age of 20, the human body is no longer able to synthesis a viable level of collagen to fulfil health needs, resulting in the physical changes associated with ageing.

INESSA COLLAGEN PLUS line three complex multi ingredient formulations specifically designed to promote natural collagen production. Each product is enhanced by a compound of vital nutrients to further support specific health and beauty needs. INESSA COLLAGEN PLUS will make you glow from within.



Our Promise To You

The human body is a marvel, and it deserves our utmost respect. It is simple to hold the health and wellbeing of our children, partners, friends, and family to a high esteem, but caring for you should be no compromise.

I created Inessa as a simple, convenient method to nurture our own health and wellness, and to ensure the best bodily function and a long healthy life. Inessa means PURE in ancient Greek, and it is this philosophy that we carry through this journey.

We deliver only the best products to you, promising the highest level of purity and quality, and with the utmost integrity.

Love Mai xx


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With a pressured, corporate career I like minimal makeup but need a polished look, and I need the best, low maintenance beauty routine. The combination of ingredients in the collagen plus supplements helps generate fresh skin from the deeper epidermis layer. My skin feels more hydrated and i'll be sticking with Inessa Beauty Boost as my core supplement, as it helps with my ageing skin needs.
by Amanda

Our Secret

The Inessa Scientific Team follows some key principals as we develop our health solutions for your specific Health Goals;  

  •       Premium Quality Ingredients 
  •       With the right Formulations
  •       In the optimal doses.
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